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Kinto Willow Tea Tray
Kinto Willow Tea Tray

Kinto Willow Tea Tray

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A stylish mix of convenience and class, Kinto's rectangular trays have a non-slip surface to keep everything under control while you're enjoying your favourite tea. 

The pressed plywood tray is lightweight and durable, with a willowy woodgrain finish that pairs beautifully with our teaware. 

Japanese designer Kinto values the balance between usability and aesthetics in each homeware and tableware to help you immerse yourself in the moments that matter. Kinto approaches each product with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness to help you slow down and see the beauty of nature in the change of seasons, or savour a delightful dish with close family and friends to unwind and feel wholesome. Embrace the full experience of eating, drinking, sharing time with loved ones - that is the spirit that Kinto embodies.

DIMENSIONS: 200mm W x 120mm D x 15mm H