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Decaf for Days*
Decaf for Days*

Decaf for Days*

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*and nights

We know there are times when a full caffeine hit is not what you’re looking for. We've taken the time to hunt out the very best method to deliver all the flavour without all the caffeine and use it every day in our cafes. 

Introducing Swiss Water® decaffeinated beans from Brazil, and when roasted gives you the same great espresso flavour you love without the caffeine. The Swiss Water method is also completely chemical free. Nice! 


Tasting notes: dark chocolate and nuts.

Method notes: The 100% arabica beans perform well in many at-home methods and will be ground to suit your preferred kit. Thanks to the bold flavours, it is particularly delicious served both black and with your choice of milk.  

A bit about us: Since opening over 26 years ago we've been roasting our own beans and take great pride in serving every customer exquisite coffee. It always begins with sourcing the finest beans and then taking care and attention to bring out the beautiful and punchy profile that characterises Canterbury's favourite espresso since '96.