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Epic Roast

Epic Roast

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Here at Coffee Culture, we have, and always will, pride ourselves in serving the highest quality coffee.

Our story had humble beginnings, starting with the opening of a small store in the beachside town of Sumner. We had a single focus: provide exquisite coffee. 25 years, 19 store openings, and millions of cups later, our tried and tested blend is still the backbone of Coffee Culture.

The journey of your coffee begins with sourcing the finest Arabica beans from all over the planet. They are then carefully roasted to perfection by our Master Roasters, fresh every morning, to bring you the full-bodied, punchy flavour that has characterised Canterbury's favourite espresso since 1996. 

Now you can take a piece of Coffee Culture with you and indulge in the comfort of your own home with our premium house roast coffee blend.