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Fantastic Mr. Filter
Fantastic Mr. Filter
Fantastic Mr. Filter

Fantastic Mr. Filter

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Sourced From Kenya. Expertly roasted to make the finest filter brew. Our ‘Fantastic Mr. Filter’ is a firm favourite of Master Roaster Hamish Borgfeldt with its fruit forward flavours balancing well with the slower and more gentle brewing process, resulting in a deliciously smooth and balanced coffee.

Tasting notes: A medium Bodied sweet coffee with a clean finish, flavour notes of blackcurrant, black tea and stone fruit.

Method notes: Ideal for any pour-over or drip techniques.

A bit about us: Since opening over 26 years ago we've been roasting our own beans and take great pride in serving every customer exquisite coffee. It always begins with sourcing the finest beans and then taking care and attention to bring out the beautiful and punchy profile that characterises Canterbury's favourite espresso since '96.