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Autumn Awakenings

Autumn Awakenings

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Our latest seasonal roast - Autumn Awakenings.

Fresh out of the roaster for the new season, our latest limited-edition coffee release brings flavours that last to the cup.

Open a bag of 'Autumn Awakenings', and you'll immediately get a big aromatic hit of honeycomb and milk chocolate with a touch of sweet lavender. The flavour notes are rich and ripe, with indulgent chocolate ganache, moreish malt and sweet 'n' sour redcurrant in the cup. The syrupy body and lingering finish make this coffee perfect for enjoying hot or cold-brewed while enjoying the last of the summer sun - bliss!

Aroma: Chocolate, honeycomb and Lavender.

Tastes: Chocolate Ganache, Malt, Red currant with a lingering finish.

Body: syrupy.